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This is what our team says about their daily work

Florian Rohde

Marketing Manager

"I really enjoyed working in the team with smashleads. Especially the close collaboration, which was characterized by great flexibility and agile working. Thanks to the team!"

Luca Fanselau


"As a developer, I was quickly able to take on my own areas of responsibility and contribute my own experience well. A great deal of trust is placed in me every day."

Tobias Kierdorf

UX/UI Design

"I really enjoy coming into the office every day because I know it's going to be another super exciting, but also very fun day."


Internship Entwicklung

"The internship was really top. I learned a lot during the time and was able to write my bachelor thesis afterwards. Many thanks to Luka for the great support!"

How did you come up with the idea of smashleads™?

When I was responsible for marketing at a real estate company in 2017, they were already using a lead generator that I was responsible for managing and optimizing. As a marketer, it was very important to me to try out many things and make adjustments to increase the conversion. Since this was always very time-consuming and expensive, I had the idea in 2018 to offer interactive lead generators in modular form to companies.