The All-In-One Solution for your Lead Generation

Do away with a landing page builder, like Wordpress or Instapages, or a form or funnel builder. Use smashleads™ now as an all-in-one solution.

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The most important features for your lead generation

Landing page builder
Form and funnel creation
Analytics Center
Agency customer segment
Interfaces & Integrations
Branching technology
Real estate valuation

Use a variety of tested templates and designs

Choose the template that's right for you from over 50 templates. Each template has been tested and optimized to give you the best possible results.

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Whitelabel all your forms and funnels 100%

With the new whitelabeling service it is possible to completely remove the smashleads™ footprint, so you can sell the forms and landing pages as your own products. You can't see anything in the source code....

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Branching: Guide new customers through the entire customer journey

Each of your leads has different needs. To get the best possible results, you need to address each need individually. With branching, you can create the entire customer journey and achieve maximum results.

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Your agency customer management for maximum relaxation

As an agency, you usually manage a large number of customers. With simple customer management, you continue to get the most out of your customers.

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Your agency analytics center for optimal data-driven marketing

Get comprehensive insights in your overview stats, customer stats or conversion map.

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Simple & Fast

The form builder is not only characterized by its ease of use. With smashleads™, you can rely on high-performance funnels and forms so that you don't have to cut any corners.

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Use over 7000 interfaces and automate your processes

Use a large number of interfaces via Zapier or integrate smashleads into your CMR system via our direct interface.

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Use a lead notification or the XML or CSV export

Use a lead notification or the XML or CSV exportShare the generated lead information quickly and easily via direct export to you or your customers

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Tracking & Retargeting

Link smashleads™ with the Google Tag Manager or the Facebook Pixel. You can measure specific conversions and events via your own click classes.

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Companies trust us for lead generation

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